Rex Helston Furniture

is a small team of designers and makers dedicated to producing thoughtful and well executed furniture. The designs are primarily in wood but are not limited by this.

Over the 25 years that Rex and his team have been designing and making furniture they have been called upon to work in a variety of materials on a wide range of projects. This experience allows them to explore designs and construction methods beyond what you might expect from the traditional woodworker. It has also allowed them to produce work beyond the conventional; a glass bar, a boathouse for an art installation in an Edinburgh sculpture park, Moorish inspired gates for an Umbrian retreat and a range of furniture for a boutique hotel in Glasgow.

More recently Rex has been focusing on desks and benches with each occupying different ends of the furniture making spectrum. The desks explore the opportunities afforded by the new technologies of computer numerically controlled machinery and the benches take us back to the use of green and hedgerow timbers.